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India’s First Bicycle Institute

We are India’s First and only structured bicycle institute for teaching bicycle repair and maintenance.

Internationally Certified Instructor

Aniket Mahashabde, our Instructor is certified from Barnett Bicycle Institute, Colorado Springs USA.

Process Driven Approach

For the first time in India we have introduced a process driven approach for bicycle repair and maintenance. Every action performed on the bicycle is a documented and step wise process.

Measurable | Repeatable | Consistent

The process driven approach makes bicycle repairs measurable and repeatable. Which means you can deliver a consistent quality on every bicycle that is repaired your shop.

Hands on Practical Training

Along with the theory and processes in written format, you will be performing each and every step practically during the course. You will get to use all type of tools in the course.

10+ Years of Industry Experience

Cymour has been active and operational in Indian Market since 2011. We have experience in retail, rental, distribution, rides, tours event management etc. We are here to share all our experience with you.

Bicycle Mechanic Certification Course Details

What is the course duration?

The Certification Course is 10 days teaching, every day from 10 am to 5 pm. There are 2 tea breaks and 1 lunch break during the teaching hrs.

Do I get a certificate?

The course is divided in 2 sections of 5 days each. All participants will get two certificates of Cymour Technician and Cymour Mechanic post successful completion of the course.

Can I get a job after the course?

Yes. Cycling industry has grown extensively in last couple of years. There is a huge demand for trained mechanics across India. Based on your experience and skills there are jobs immediately available from a starting salary of INR 12,000/- to INR 35,000/-.

What are the fees?

Course fees are 30,000/- per person. This includes tuition fees for the 10 days. It also covers the cost of tools, equipment and consumables that will be used for teaching.

Where do you host the courses?

We have a location in Pune, Maharashtra. We also conduct courses in different cities. Please check our upcoming course calendar for more details.

Where can I stay?

Based on the course venue, we will provide a list of accommodation facilities nearby. Accommodation and food is not included in the tuition fees.