Cymour Stations are located in premium Townships. Currently we are located at Life Republic, Hinjewadi Phase 3.
We are coming soon at the following townships.
Vascon Paradise, Marigold, Embassy Techpark, Magarpatta City, Nanded City and BlueRidge
We offer cycles with the following features
  • Up to 21 Gears Speed
  • Light weight Aluminium Alloy Body designed to take load.
  • Front Shock Absorbers
  • Adjustable Seats
  • Disk Brakes
  • Wider and Broader Tyres that give you comfortable and grippy ride
We are excited to know about that! Please get in touch with us here


Cymour offers two subscription models at the moment:
Pay As You Ride
  Buy ride minutes as you need starting from ₹ 250 onwards. There are no daily time limits.

 Buy 180 daily minutes at a monthly cost of ₹ 500. Any additional daily ride time is charged at maximum of ₹ 100. This is not a recurring subscription and you can switch or renew whenever you want to.
Your ride starts when you unlock the cycle at a station and stops when you lock the cycle at a Cymour designated station. You will be charged as long as the cycle is with you and out of a Cymour station. If you believe you are being charged in error please get in touch with us.
Security deposit is refunded when you close your account and no more wish to use our services. Please get in touch with us to close your account and get the security deposit refunded.
Please get in touch with us.


We flag accounts for the following reasons - If we are unable to verify your personal details - Misuse of our services - Reported behavior
Cymour engages a large community of cycling enthusiasts. In order to keep it amicable we validate each member's identity. We collect the following details -
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Your current address
  • Your phone number
You will not be able to use our services without providing the above details
We also collect optional emergency contact numbers to contact during an emergency
We are sorry to see you go!
Please get in touch with us.

My Ride

Your ride starts when you unlock a cycle from one of our stations.
You can take it with you wherever you want for as long as you wish to.
Your ride ends when you lock the cycle and park it in one of our stations.
At the moment you can park only in the stations in your township.

There are three easy steps to start a ride

  • Buy Ride Minutes
  • Update your profile
  • Scan the QR code
You can start a ride from any of the stations in your township.
You can end the ride by locking and parking the cycle in any of the stations in your township.
You cannot finish ride in a station located in a different township.

Here are a few reasons why you may not be able to start a ride.

  • You have not purchased ride minutes
  • You may have pending credit minutes from your last ride
  • Your subscription may have expired
  • You did not update your profile or your account may have been flagged
  • You are trying to start a ride from a station that is not in your township
  • Bluetooth, location, internet services are not available on your phone
Please get in touch with us if you still are unable to start a ride.